How to announce baby birth in office ?

Information is important, but more important is how you disseminate that information. The manner of communicating news across is even more crucial when it is an official setting.

Most workers don’t know how to how break certain information in an official setting. Here are some tips to break news of the birth of your child to your co-workers, bosses and people working in the same office as you.

Timing Is Key

The time of delivering the information about the birth of your child is very important. There is no particular rule as to what time is best. However, it is best you send the announcement within the first two months of the birth of the baby.

This period is better than most. It gives you enough time to plan any event you want to organize. It is also not too long to the point where your announcement is no longer “news.”

Use a Medium That Eases the Process

There has been the debate of which medium to use when sending announcements. The best medium is one that makes it easy for you to do so. In this present age and time, digital mediums are your best bet. You can simply construct a template and set it to all the people you want.

Emails are a good medium to use when sending mails. Social media direct messages are not good mediums for sending formal or official messages. Before sending the mails, ensure to properly compile the emails of the recipients.

Include Some Basic Information

Now to the content of the message. There are certain information that should be inclusive in the content of your announcement. One of such is the names of your baby. You should also include details of the sex of the baby and the baby’s date of birth.

Some people often add information like the location where the baby was born, the person who delivered the baby and the parent’s name. This information is not necessary in a formal setting.

Keep It Concise

The essence of eliminating certain “additional information” is to ensure that the announcement is brief. It is assumed that people working in offices are busy. Therefore, they do not have time to ready bulky announcement.

Below is a sample of a concise announcement.

“I, Gary Atenaga and my wife Olsie Atenaga are using this medium to announce the birth of our son, Marshall Atenaga. Born on the 16th of March 2020.

8 pounds. 17 inches.”

Attach a Photograph only if it is necessary

This feature depends on your relationship with your co-workers, your opinions on the use of photographs and the kind of information where you work. Some persons are not comfortable with the idea of sharing the pictures of their newborn child over the internet.

However, you should select a good picture if you do decide to attach a picture to your announcement. The picture should be a clear one of your baby’s face. The background should also be a plain background.

Make It Personal, but Only When Possible

The age of “to whom it may concern” is fast becoming old school. If possible, attach the name of each recipient when sending the announcement. There are lots of email automation tools to use to personalize your announcement.

What is worth doing is worth doing well. You can send the best baby birth announcement by following the instructions above.