How to Calm a Crying Baby ?

Generally, babies cry from time to time, and this has made mothers uncomfortable. This is particularly depressing when you are busy or with some friends, as their persistent tears can be annoying.

To calm a crying baby is easy when you know what causes the tears, as these would proffer an adequate solution. This guide aims to give you some tips on calming your infants.

Why do babies cry?

Understanding why your baby cries, will give an idea on how to stop it.

  • Hunger

Little children have meals between four and nine hours daily. When a baby starts fussing, it might be he/she is feeling hungry again. There are various signs like mouth smacking and taking their fingers into their mouth.

  • Gas

When your child takes lots of fluids, it can store air in their worst. This can make the child very uncomfortable, and crying may occur.

  • Damp or Dirty Diaper

Even adults get uncomfortable when they wear wet outfits. Babies may wear more than five diapers a day. Whenever the baby is crying, kindly check the diapers.

  • Tiredness

When they are born, infants sleep around 15 to 18 hours daily. When they cry, it may mean they need some rest again after some spurts.

  • Colic

Too much fussing by the baby may mean she is experiencing colic. Talk to a Pediatrician when you notice your baby’s crying is too much.

  • Idleness

It is a fact that infants get bored when experiencing the same environment. A change of scenery might do something to the trick.

  • Illness

Infant illness is sometimes linked to excessive crying. Kindly check with a doctor to know if I think it might be a fever.

Tips to stop a baby from crying

To calm a crying baby, you can use some of these tips.

Provide a swaddle

A swaddle gives your baby a sense of security which stops it from crying. Health experts believe snuggling your baby in a swaddle gives the baby warmth which allows it to sleep.


Infants love enjoying themselves with non-nutrition sucking which doesn’t cover their bellies but calms their nerves. Anytime your baby is fussing, find any finger or thumb which they can cover their mouth with. You could also use a pacifier but let the baby start breastfeeding forts before offering one.

Using a Front Carrier

Strapping your infant and strolling around is a good way to comfort them. These children love a close feeling and the rhythm of your movement. You can use a carrier or sling which can allow you to free your hands.

Rocking or swaying

Try to hold the infant while you sit in a gliding chair works greatly. Also, employing a motorized baby seat is recommended as long as you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Activate the White noise

Most babies are soothed by sounds of whooshing music, which can take the minds of their tears. Instruments that can give you these sounds include hairdryers and vacuum cleaners.

Singing a song

This works almost every time as they keep quiet when music comes. It doesn’t matter if you are off-key or not just sing the baby some lullabies.


Giving your babies a massage can make them more relaxed as it can calm them better. There are many creams you can use to massage.

​​​​​Calming our babies is the best solution when they cry, these tips offer a good solution.