What is good parenting ?

Developing good parenting strategies is one of the most popular competences that parents aspire to when raising their child. Most parents want their child to perform excellently at school, be respectful and happy.

They want them to live healthily and responsibly, relate well with others, be independent and compassionate. Here is how to raise your child to achieve all those lofty ideals.

How do you become a good parent?

Acting in your child’s best interest is expected of any parent. You must try to set the best examples for your child, using the highest standards. Below are a few qualities good parents must-have.

Be Your Child’s Role Model

Human beings learn by copying what they see others do, and children copy what they see their parents do. So, model what you want your child to become.

If you show them, love, through actions, they will develop empathy for other people. If you show them respect, they will obtain that attitude as well and become respectful.

Showing love in different ways to your child could be through buying them gifts, protecting them from harm, being lenient, having high expectations, spending time with them, cuddling and listening to any problems they face. It is overindulgence in any of these actions that can spoil a child.

Showing your child love does not spoil them but activates the good feel chemical like oxytocin in their brain. This hormone makes them develop resilience, joy, peace, being friendly and deeper closeness with you.

Be Your Child’s Protector

Build self-confidence in your child by letting them know that you are there to protect them all the time. You do that by predicting when your child needs your attention and giving it quickly.

Respect your child as a person and openly show them you are their best friend. Do not speak cruelly to them or scold them in front of their friends.

Allow them to have their say and treat them kindly so that they trust you enough to come to you with any issues they face at school or home.

Also, modeling consistency in your actions and the decisions you take in the family will help your child develop good manners and be more emotionally stable.

Discipline your child without Aggression

Remember violence produces violence. If you raise a child by hitting or whipping them to correct them when they err, you would be developing a child that fights in school, who could become a bully in the future.

Do not spank your child no matter the provocation, though it could bring quick relief as the child would comply with instructions under the fear of punishment.

That child would not learn what is right or wrong that way, but fear punishment for any wrongdoing, develop ways to avoid being caught.

The child will accept that violence is the best way of solving issues in life and become aggressive individuals and worse abuse their spouses.

Use the latest scientific findings to train your child

Using the modern scientific and psychological breakthroughs in parenting is the norm today. Getting tips in books and reports, and using them guarantees that you are applying researched, authentic, and tested methods in parenting your child.

In the past, you could spank your child. However, the scientific methods suggest that depending on your child’s temperament you may engage yourself in a discussing with your child to remove certain treats.