What is good parenting ?


Developing good parenting strategies is one of the most popular competences that parents aspire to when raising their child. Most parents want their child to perform excellently at school, be respectful and happy. They want them to live healthily and responsibly, relate well with others, be independent and compassionate. Here is how to raise your child to … Read more

How to be a good parent to a baby ?

good parenting

Becoming a good parent to a baby is hard particularly for working-class parents. However, becoming one is very important for the development of the child. Good parenting skills are not innate and can be learned with consistency and due diligence. For parents who want to have good information on how to take care of kids … Read more

How to Calm a Crying Baby ?

crying baby

Generally, babies cry from time to time, and this has made mothers uncomfortable. This is particularly depressing when you are busy or with some friends, as their persistent tears can be annoying. To calm a crying baby is easy when you know what causes the tears, as these would proffer an adequate solution. This guide … Read more